Hiring a Web Designer Check List & Tips
by Linda Lee-askmepc-webdesign

Hiring a web designer check list printable

Part One

Many people come to me after they have tried to work with a different web person.
You need to check people out on online before you hire them.

 Check list before hiring a web designer

How recent is their work?
My sites have dates in the footer so you can see if it is current work and the website is current. Many people have very old and dated sites.
What worked in the early 2000's is not as effective today.


 Check list before hiring a web designer

Next, check out their testimonials.

* Are they fresh?
* Click the links in the testimonials, do they work?

* Are they broken?
* Are the sites gone?
* Check
the footer, has a new web designer or web company taken it over?


 Check list before hiring a web designer

How does the web designers own site look to you?

* Is it easy to understand and navigate?
* Is it current?
* Does it have broken links, or pages that do not work?
* Does it work in multiple browsers/


 Check list before hiring a web designer

Do they have a phone number where you can call them
and actually speak to them?
 Are they easy to reach?
This is very important.


 Check list before hiring a web designer

Did they answer your email inquiry promptly?


 Check list before hiring a web designer 

Were they able to actually give you a written price quote?
Did they send you one after you talked and agreed to hire them?
Get it in writing always, for both your sake.


 Check list before hiring a web designer

The more you discuss ahead of time the better the process will go.
Never assume , always be clear and ask for you want, after all it is your website!

Hiring a web designer check list printable

Part Two
Technical Questions to ask a potential website designer.
This is a sample of questions you should ask your potential web person
These are all things I do for my clients.

1. Do you add keywords to each page? (these are descriptive words that are added behind the scenes to a website, so search engines can even find you by your "keywords" that are relevant to your website topics.

2. Where are the meta tags? These are search phrases and pages titles in code behind the scenes.

3. Everyone should have a blog. I recommend WordPress sites. Does your person work with blog websites? Do they know how to set one up, add plugins, seo, and customize it?
How many blog sites have they set up, and ask to see them. WordPress has evolved so much that I now build all my sites on the WordPress platform. Ask me for more details.

4. Where is site map so search engines will find this site?

5. How will you search engine optimize the site?

6. You need an email capture form on the site. usually it is best to sign up for a good email program like aweber. (click here now to learn more.)
Will your web person set that up for you on your site?

7. Can you create a slideshow of photos for my website?

8. Will you add my twitter button and facebook button or other badges and buttons to the sidebar on the website, and have it show on each page, and link it the appropriate id?

9. I need a squeeze page or a sales page, can you set that up for me?

10. How do I set up paypal or a shopping cart?

11. After someone buys my product, can you create a success landing page?

12. Do you create a favicon? (this is the little icon in the browser window with your logo.)
what is a favicon, click here and see

These are by no means all the questions you can ask, but if your potential webmaster does not know what you are talking about when you ask these questions, then that is not a good sign. Good luck and if you need help creating a website or beautiful new blog or WordPress Content Management Website, please fill out my free consultation form here.




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