Praise for askmepc-webdesign and Linda Lee  


praise and reviews askmepc-webdesign I am glad I was referred to Linda from a contact at the WNBA. I was struggling with the technical details of my Blog and was glad when I found a good resource with able to help in easy words and quick actions. Now my online presence is functional and I know where to go in the future to keep developing my web presence in coordination with the overall progress of my project. In today's complex Cyberspace a service function like Linda is providing is absolutely vital in order to survive out there.  I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable


Birgit Soyka


praise and reviews askmepc-webdesign Thanks Linda for helping me find my way, the easy way (without struggle). It is so wonderful to have found you..My web page is now clean looking and full of life..I can now go on my next adventure knowing this one is now a great success...

Your continual help with many other projects will be greatly appreciated. I will tell others that need help making their web pages look great to contact you, great success to you Sweety Onion. I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable


Sweety Onion

Leighann Kornberg
Founder Sweety Onion


praise and reviews askmepc-webdesign Thank you, Linda, for your artistic yet utilitarian redesign of my website and blog. I love the crisp appearance of the pages, as well as the color coordination with the cover of my novel, "Heroes Arise." Plus your visual materials about making blog entries were exactly what I needed to get started.

I look forward to your one-on-one blog maintenance instructional session soon. You are professional, innovative, and affordable. What a combination!
I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable



Laurel Anne Hill, Author,
The Story Women Blog
Wisdom Has a Voice

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignThank you, Linda, for helping me recreate my ineffectual TellTale Souls website and encouraging me to move forward with The Story Woman™ blog, which I didn’t know I was ready for, but you knew I was.

I have a good eye for design, and I can be exacting, so your patience and understanding was appreciated when elements and colors had to be redone – sometimes I don’t know I don’t like something until I see it. Your responsiveness to my messages was commendable, and your turn around time was quick. I enjoy getting compliments on my website and blog! I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable


Lynn Henriksen-Tell-Tale-Souls

Lynn Henriksen, Author,
The Story Women Blog
Wisdom Has a Voice


Redwood Writers Club


praise and reviews askmepc-webdesign Linda Lee of AskMePc has assisted Redwood Writers in developing our new website using WordPress.
Linda is an expert in this service and her work has been invaluable in transferring data from our old site, in training our volunteer Web Team, installing our new site, and in advising us in design and implementation.
With over 170 members, our website is a vital organ of our association. We count on it for dissemination of meeting, dates contest deadlines, seminar events, and member activities. Linda met our timetable for completion and worked with us on numerous details to get our site up and running on time.
Our new site is beautiful and will be an instrument to recruit and inform. Redwood Writers is pleased to recommend Linda Lee for her skill, talent, patience, and ability to work with people. Our entire experience with AskMePc has been pleasant and the results rewarding for all. I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable


Linda Loveland Reid, RWC

Linda Loveland Reid

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignWhen I first brought Xsite, I was able to build my site myself - to a certain point. I got it to a point that people would be able to see my art, but didn't know how to make a page to sell items. I’m pretty good at figuring things out and following instructions but then I had no idea what to do and where to find the answer.

I had so many other problems, that I spent countless hours going through the manuals and asking questions on this message site. People were helpful but when I was working on the site, I didn't want to wait a day for an answer.
I found another website company that had a low monthly fee and it looked pretty easy to set-up. I was thinking of switching and ditching Xsite, but that meant starting all over again and I really didn’t want to pay a monthly fee even if it was low. That’s why I got Xsite because I was able to buy it outright. I came back to this message board looking for help and I saw info on Linda's business.
 It sounded like music to my ears.

I called her and we made a date to deal with my problems. I needed help on how to make a page to show multiple items my jewelry to sell. I learn best by seeing how it's done. While on the phone with her, she was able to access my computer and show me what I needed to do. She had control of my mouse and while she was explaining the steps, I was able to see her do what she was talking about. That was totally awesome! I was then able to do what I needed.
When I had other problems, I emailed her and she was really quick emailing me back with suggestions. When one suggestion didn't work, she emailed me another one... till it finally worked.

Before Linda I was ready to dump this program. After dealing with Linda, I see that I have so many possibilities, and I have a support person to help me.
Linda really knows Xsite.. If you are having problems, use her. She has the PhD in this program for sure. Linda is the eXtraordinary, eXceptional eXpert of Xsite Pro!I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable




praise and reviews askmepc-webdesign
From the get go Linda had a CAN DO attitude and it was sure what kept her going when others would have quit or try to cut corners! I can tell you there was so many challenges we went through during the conversion and there were times that even Linda thought she might have taken on more than she can handle -BUT she still would not give up!

As a matter of fact she said something quite remarkable when the challenge became so daunting and the level of complexity became apparent - she said she will get the job done no matter what and as it seems like it was going to take more expertise than she quoted but she would not charge me for the extras that she had to get done - she just wanted to get my site done and make me happy! And she did!

Her final cost was very reasonable as well - I would have paid her twice as much if I had the money because I had a good idea as to the level of difficulties she had to handle and the amount of work it required to get it done.

Another great attribute of hers is her excellent communications skills - she is in touch with you every step of the way and is always upbeat.

Now you see why I would recommend her to ANYONE? She does what very few professionals do and with a smile and positive attitude!

I now have a website that is under my control like I wanted and I can create and improve it as much as I like or need to. Xsitepro is a wonderful program but if you don't know how to use it or you don't have the time to learn how - call in the pro - call Linda!

Thank you so much for your help and positive, professional work.
I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable

Rosalee Prepchuk

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignJust a great testimonial for Linda Lee!
Had it not been for Linda, I would still be fumbling around.
Working with Linda has been a wonderful experience--unlike some other developer experiences I have had.
She created a terrific template and seemed to intuitively know what I wanted for design.

In addition, she walked me through being able to take over some of the maintenance, so it was easier and cheaper for me!
Anyone who needs assistance should really seek out Linda.
You won't be disappointed!I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable

Thanks, Linda!

Update: Patty is getting over 5,000 Unique Visitors a month now on
her website.

Patty Burgess

Patty Burgess

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignI've just had Linda do a website for my offline business.
She was very efficient in our communications and even introduced me to the joys of Skype

Linda was very quick to produce my template which is already up and running. Thanks for your help.I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable



praise and reviews askmepc-webdesign Working with Linda on my website was a remarkable experience of collaboration, partnership, kindness, and talent.  “Thank you, Linda” does not say enough.  I couldn’t have gotten here without you for many reasons. I am very grateful that you are the one I chose for this important facet of my business success.

I quickly discovered that I did not give Linda my website material in the organized and ready-to-go preparedness that she usually receives from her new clients prior to project launch. I greatly appreciated the manner in which Linda instructed me how to do certain tasks that were foreign to me so that she could save me money and save us both time to more quickly move my project along to completion.

There were many useful tricks and tips regarding blog and website management that she shared with me that I will be able to use with confidence and successful results in the future. She gave me valuable and candid feedback when I asked her for suggestions.  Her personality is delightful, supportive, filled with expertise in her field, and very positive.
I felt that I was working with someone who sincerely cared about me and my business goals throughout our many conversations. Her work ethic is dauntless, committed, and reliable. As busy as her schedule was on any given day, Linda was responsive to all of my time sensitive deadlines.

I LOVE my new website.  I feel uplifted and HAPPY whenever I look at it. In the true spirit of team collaboration, we created a beautiful and effective website layout that is a powerful tool for my business success.I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable



Sasha Sabbeth

Sasha Sabbeth
Entrepreneur Soul Purpose
Soul Coach

Health After Trauma

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignThe Health After Trauma website had a makeover.
Much of the fun and enthusiasm I have had in this process is discovering and working with
Linda Lee a fellow author who knows how to design and build websites that get traffic.

Linda is a cheerful, available, and helpful webmaster who will help you build or retool your writing platform. Her website at gives you a complete blueprint on how you can get ready for building your website. Follow her steps and to make maximum use of your time and effort to create and maintain a beautiful and effective website.

Linda understands and has mastered the Wordpress blogging format. What this means for you is the ability to have your own up-to-date content and information up and running at all times without waiting for and paying a busy webmaster to do the work.I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable

dr t

Ellen Taliaferro, MD, Author,
Health After Trauma

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignLinda Lee is an amazing business woman and a patient web developer.  She has a lot of expertise in her field and has taught me and my employees how to communicate our company’s value proposition and key message points through our website and blogs pages for our products and services and much much more.

She is helping our company transition into the social media space and introducing us to technology and tools that will provide our customers with a great experience when navigating through our website. We are so lucky to have such a business partner and web expert to guide us through this process of automation and innovation.   

She truly is one of a kind, she has the passion for teaching and coaching people on  how to use the world wide web to increase your businesses exposure and to enhance the SEO features so we will gain 10 times the website traction and traffic that we need to get our company’s message to the public. From where we were to where Linda Lee has taken us is unimaginable. We are so lucky to have hired her! Our customer satisfaction ratings on have increased by 50%! I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable

rebecca martin

Rebecca Martin,
Founder of

  The Feisty Side of Fifty 

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignLinda has totally transformed my blog from blah to bodacious!
I also worked with a graphics designed, Terri Dennis, who removed a few wrinkles and drew me in technicolor giving me a feisty 1960s branding.

But it was Linda's layout that truly made the site sing. Her choice of colors and her placement design make my blog easy to read, simple to navigate, and a colorful and fun site to visit--just what I wanted. 

Already, my stats have jumped through the roof and I owe this to her. I'd recommend using Linda for any of your website needs. Besides being the consummate professional, she's a friendly and helpful person who'll go the extra mile to make you happy. And, as a self-confessed recovering techno-phobe (who's not all that recovered) that means a lot!I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable 


eileen williams feisty side of fifty for baby boomers

Mary Eileen Williams 
Baby Boomer Women

Heads-Up Performance

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignWorking with Linda is a delight.

She produces fast, great results with her strong technical and artistic knowledge and skills. But the best part is how easy she is to work with.
Unlike many website people I’ve worked with she has zero resistance to your suggestions.

She confidently puts her experienced opinions into the project, but she gets that it’s your site and business so she isn’t attached to her own work. And all this is done with a girlfriend spunkiness that makes the whole experience fun and easy. I’m extremely happy with my sites; She’s taken both of my businesses to a new level, and I recommend her to everyone I know.
 I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable   

tom handson

Tom Hanson, Ph.D. 
Heads-Up Performance

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignWithout Linda's expertise I would be very lost and not have the features my website has now. The time she's saved developing my site has allowed me to concentrate on my writing. She takes the headaches out of development, and her advice is invaluable.I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable


jimmy ng

Jimmy Ng, Author, 

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignI wanted to send many, many thanks for the great job you did with my website. I am a complete moron when it comes to computers and technology, yet you never made me feel as such. You were always positive, pleasant and accommodating.

Your wonderful creative skills shined forth in the finished product and has received nothing but praise. My appointments have picked up and I’m so pleased with this marketing tool. I’d be happy to speak with anyone needing a good referral about you and your abilities.
I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable


rev. mary velez

Thanks again.  God bless.  Mary Velez aka   

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignI have been working for over two years with Linda Lee as my web page designer and as my on-line platform consultant.  Ms. Lee provides affordable, responsive, and cutting edge services.
What's more, she builds creative, collaborative relationships with customers and is an absolute delight to work with. I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable

bradhenderson, grammar rocks

Brad Henderson, author, Drums: a Novel.

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignA website that truly expresses who I am and delivers the messages from my heart is vital to my work.

 Linda Lee not only created such a website for
me and taught me how to update the pages, but also she routinely checks the site and makes recommendations that are so helpful. And, she's such a joy to work with. What more could anyone ask for in a web
designer/master!I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable


teresa leyung ryan

Teresa LeYung Ryan, author and manuscript consultant

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignI first encountered Linda at a workshop she gave at the San Francisco Writers Conference, and was excited by the clarity and electricity of her presentation, as wella s the breadth and depth of the information she conveyed. Soon after the conference I contracted for her services, asking her to review my website and consider the possibilities I had for constructing a "platform" of visibility as a writer.

My work with Linda has led directly to my new Online Store,
http://www.cafepress.c..., as well as a new, weekly blog that Linda helped me set up. I consider her to be an ongoing advisor my "cabinet", you might say, to use a Presidential analogy. I intend to use her services whenever I need to consult with someone about web issues.
I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable

Max Reif, Author

 Soroptimist International of Oakland

 praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignLinda turned our club's very blah website into a cheerful, informative and user-friendly set of pages. Linda is always accessible by phone or email and makes me feel a lot less e-phobic. I'm thrilled to have her be our webmistress.I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable

Soroptimist International Oakland Ca

Patricia Costello/Secretary-Soroptimist International of Oakland

CopyWright Communications

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignLinda Lee has a fabulous grasp on what a website needs and what her clients need. She took what I had before and a few suggestions and came up with a concept that was so much more "me" than what I had before.

My website reflects what I am about and what my business is about, plus it is friendly, interesting, enticing, and easy to navigate. In addition, it's got all the tools it needs to bring in more traffic. And, if that weren't enough, working with Linda has been a real pleasure as well, and she went out of her way to meet my deadlines.
Thanks, Linda!I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable

nina amir , copywriter, author and coach, kabbalisitic

Nina Amir
CopyWright Communications


praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignNeed new ideas? Want to update what's working? Look no further than Linda Lee. Linda helped me do both with my websites - quickly and creatively. She also unraveled a technical situation, all the while communicating to me in simple tech terms.
Linda delivers
.I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable

Elisa Southard, Personal PR, Break through the noise

Elisa Southard-

praise and reviews askmepc-webdesignWOW!

That describes my experience with Linda Lee at

In starting my business, I did not have a lot of time to design a website nor did I have a lot of funds to invest. Linda came through big time! From the questionnaire to the final product, Linda made it easy in giving her ideas of what I wanted and how I wanted my company to be represented. I never had to settle for what I got. Linda is the best. Cost is more then reasonable, and you know what you’re going to spend before you start. I will not use anyone else for my web services or
email services.I love askmepc-webdesign, websites and blogs all custom made and affordable



Bob Tedrick, Bob Tedrick Construction

Bob Tedrick


BTC Inc.

Thank You so much , were a huge help and continue support. I'm glad I found you :)

My site is already imported over!!


georgette pann

Georgette Pann


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